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Not Just No Win No Fee Following a Car Accident

Wheels At Once blasts compensation culture and gets customers back on the road

The UK’s roads see around 290,600 casualties every year, with a large proportion of those accidents caused by negligence. Careless or dangerous driving affects many people’s lives and victims of road traffic accidents often sense that they have nowhere to turn for help. With current talk of a ‘compensation culture’, injured people can be scared by the prospect of speaking to a claims company for fear of being forced into something they don’t understand. Wheels At Once,, who are members of the Claim Standards Council, help hundreds of people with personal injury compensation, temporary vehicle replacement and vehicle repairs.

The company specialises in accident compensation and puts people back on their feet after a non fault accident. The range of services offered is comprehensive, from personal injury compensation to vehicle replacement, vehicle storage and repairs. Wheels At Once is keen to dispel current myths about compensation culture and reiterates the immense personal benefit of making a claim. Ethical companies such as Wheels At Once exist as a personal service and should never pressurise customers into pursuing a claim if they’re not sure. Talking to a claims handler is not an obligation to continue with the services of the company.

Donna McCann from Wheels At Once has this to say ‘We’re not interested in pressurising people into something they don’t want to do, people come to us through word of mouth or by carrying out a specific internet searches for personal injury solicitors. We offer a service and are supported by the Claims Standards Council.’

Some companies pursue unethical means of targeting customers, for example certain firms have employed staff to wait outside hospitals for injured people to prey upon. Other firms have targeted children with compensation crosswords and other underhand methods. This behaviour is irresponsible and bolsters the public belief that there is a culture of people being forced into making a claim. Whilst this does happen, there are companies such as Wheels At Once who work hard to help people get over a traumatic accident without putting them in a difficult situation.

Customers can receive professional service and free legal advice from leading personal injury solicitors. They can also rest assured that the service is free. The company protects the customer from all legal fees and the costs of both parties. Costs and a success fee are recovered from the other persons’ insurance company.

Free legal advice or guidance on how to begin the claim process can be found at Call 0800 78 38 846 for more information and for free legal advice following an accident.



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*Where replacement vehicle costs can be recovered from the insurance company of the person who caused the accident. Where this person is untraceable or uninsured, or where there is a dispute over liability, a replacement vehicle cannot be provided.