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Royal Mail looks to prevent car accidents via reward scheme

In a bid to help prevent road traffic accidents, and the inevitable car accident claims which usually follow, the Royal Mail is to become part of the National Safe Driving Award Scheme which rewards drivers who keep up a longstanding safe-driving record.

Run by RoSPA (the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) the scheme involves the collation of safety records for business using drivers and certificates being awarded to drivers who maintain a clean record in relation to car accidents.

Initially the scheme will be piloted in Hereford and Birmingham where approximately 260 drivers will take part, with ages ranging from 18 to 65.

Director of Logistics for Royal Mail, Paul Gatti, said that the business had undertaken various methods and schemes to underpin its commitment to car accident prevention and road safety.

He said, "The RoSPA National Safe Driving Award scheme is a way of acknowledging and rewarding those drivers who demonstrate their equal commitment to this culture, and we look forward to seeing the continually improving results."

In the UK last year, more than 600 road fatalities occurred as a result of vehicles being driven in a work capacity.

A Wheels At Once spokesperson added, "As personal injury solicitors who deal with the aftermath of RTAs in the UK, we are always pleased to hear of firms and businesses taking active roles in road safety campaigns.

"We are engaged each year in car accident claims involving drivers of vehicles being driven for work purposes and feel that employers should take a more active role in ensuring their staff drive responsibly."



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