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GPs report increase in fake injury claims


UK doctors have revealed the main reasons for people faking personal injuries and other conditions such as whiplash, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

While the most common reason for personal injury fraud is people trying to obtain compensation, there are several others.

  • UK 'blame' culture i.e. honest errors never admitted (70 per cent)

  • Trying to get time off work (66 per cent)

  • Seeking attention (31 per cent)

  • Hypochondriacs (13 per cent)

GPs were surveyed across the country and about two thirds of them reported a rise in people trying to make fraudulent injury claims in the last decade with a quarter recording a surge since the start of the economic downturn.

Research organisers LV= warned convictions for UK personal injury fraud can lead to up to three years in jail, loss of employment and a criminal record.

A spokesman for the insurance company said, "People may see making up an injury as a result of a car accident as a harmless crime and a quick way to make money, but if they are allowed to get away with it all car insurance premiums would be pushed up which is unfair on the honest motorist."

The research showed that personal injury compensation claims had risen by 25 per cent in the past six years, costing the insurance industry £2bn in pay outs and the NHS £8m in consultations.





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