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AK47 killer perishes in road smash

A man who embarked on a night of violence, robbery and murder was killed in a car accident whilst fleeing the police, US news agencies have reported.

The 36-year-old Albanian immigrant used an AK47 to kill a chef at a restaurant near Detroit, and also sprayed a waitress with bullets but she is thought to have survived the assault.

Wearing a black trench coat and a cowboy hat, he then robbed two petrol stations and fled towards the Canadian border in a Lexus 4x4.

Oncoming vehicles swerved to avoid being involved in a car crash as the killer tore erratically along busy roads, often driving without his lights on.

But further disaster was just waiting to happen and it occurred in the form of a collision with a combine harvester that was quietly chugging along after a day working the sunflower fields of Michigan.

The Lexus slammed into the vehicle, instantly killing the fugitive and leaving wreckage strewn across the carriageway. Amazingly, it is thought that the farmer driving the combine escaped the road accident without serious personal injury.

Police officers attending the scene of the smash discovered a cache of weapons among the wreckage of the car accident and are believed to have found several handguns, three samurai swords, a meat cleaver, a hatchet and a filet knife.

Why the man embarked on a spree of chaos is currently being investigated but rumours have surfaced that he initially visited the restaurant with the intention of killing his girlfriend who was a waitress there.

It is unknown at this stage if compensation claims are likely to be made by those affected by the killer's actions.



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