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Young footballers given safety advice

Young football stars of tomorrow are being given tips on how to drive safely and avoid car accidents.

The future stars of Bolton Wanderers have been receiving vital advice from an experienced driving instructor in readiness for the day when they will hit the roads in their own high-powered vehicles.

Former Lancashire policeman Adrian Shurmer is the expert giving the advice and he told reporters, "These lads are about to start living life in the fast lane, so they need to know how to drive properly."

Today's footballers often spend their huge salaries on flash cars at it's not unusual to see the training ground car park of a Premier League club packed with Bentleys, Ferraris and Austin Martins.

Driving such cars with very little experience can often result in car accidents and personal injuries and so the youngsters are being warned about the dangers they could face on the road.

In addition to being aware of potential road accidents, the youngsters have also been told to watch out for car-jackers and 'cash for crash' criminals who might be tempted to intentionally cause a car accident in order to make a compensation claim.

Bolton Wanderers bosses are said to be impressed with the advice their future stars have received and a spokesman said, "A lot of our young players are just getting behind the wheel for the first time and we want them to be good drivers because it's something they will be doing on a day-to-day basis."

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