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Elderly bus accident victims not claiming compensation

A personal injury lawyer from North Wales has voiced his concern about the number of elderly passengers who sustain whiplash in bus-related road traffic accidents; he also said that he was worried that many do not feel confident enough to pursue the whiplash compensation they deserve. "Bus companies has are getting away with it because injured people do not feel up to pursuing a claim against them," he said.

The Wrexham-based injury compensation specialist told the Evening Leader, "Loss of balance due to the bus pulling away quickly, swerving or braking sharply, can cause quite serious injuries to older passengers.

"Especially as they often take longer to sit down and get off the bus and are less likely to see items projecting into the aisles.

"Broken hips and limbs, dislocated shoulders and whiplash are common injuries. Often there is underlying long term damage does not manifest itself until some time later."

And he indicated that the accidents could have lasting consequences for those affected, including loss of independence. "Many older people who do fall are too afraid to travel by bus ever again," he said.




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