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IAM aims to reduce cycling accident toll

In a bid to reduce the number of cycling accidents on UK roads, road safety charity the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has introduced a membership scheme for cyclists.

Although IAM is known for looking after motorists and promoting proficiency courses to improve driving standards, it also offers information and training to help cyclists avoid road traffic accidents with consequent injury followed by compensation claims.

Riders who sign up to IAM Cycling for £15 a year are offered a How to be a Better Cyclist book, free insurance for a year – covering assistance after a bicycle accident – discount vouchers with a major bike and accessories retailer and a high visibility bag.

IAM Cycling Development Manager Duncan Pickering said, "Cycling enthusiasts are clearly skilled in negotiating the many hazards on the UK's roads, however, a large number of cyclists have not had any formal training, which puts them at greater risk. A lot of incidents on our roads are due to hesitation and uncertainty.

The aim is to encourage cyclists to have a more assertive and informed style of cycling to keep themselves and motorists safer on the roads.

On the same day the scheme was announced, the national cycling organisation CTC said that an increase in the number of cycling accidents could be attributed to the growing popularity of riding, particularly by commuters in towns and cities.

Figures showing a rise of 3% in cycling accident victims suffering death or personal injury in the year to September 2010 issued by the Department for Transport should be taken in context as they do not take into account the growth of cycling in Britain over the same period, said CTC.



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