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Bolton fireball car crash leads to minor personal injury

Three men from Bolton were involved in a serious car crash this weekend, in which their black BMW smashed through a wall after crossing a dual carriageway, then burst into flames.

Local residents ran out with fire extinguishers to rescue the occupants, and local emergency crews praised their actions.

The driver suffered personal injury to the collarbone, and the front seat passenger incurred a head injury. The rear passenger, who was not wearing a seatbelt, was knocked unconscious, and was trapped following the car crash. Emergency crews had to cut him out, and he was taken to hospital where what were thought to be serious injuries turned out to be minor.

One local said "I was asleep but a loud bang woke me up. I looked out the window and I could see the car was on fire and smoke was bellowing out of it.

"My husband ran to the garage and got our fire extinguisher and we went to help. There was already a taxi driver there who had a small fire extinguisher and he was trying to put it out.

"The fire service arrived and got the man trapped on the back seat out. Fortunately he was still breathing.

"It is a bad bend and this is not the first time there has been a car accident."

The report in the Bolton News' website allows space for comments, which include a note of thanks from one of the survivors of the car crash to the helpful locals. No news is forthcoming regarding the likelihood of a passenger accident claim.



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