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Shropshire car accident compensation after pothole incident

Three men involved in a crash could have decided to claim car accident compensation against Shropshire Council had they sustained serious personal injuries in the incident.

The men were driving along Patshull Road in a 4x4 vehicle, when their car went into a large pothole of around two metres in depth. The hole had been caused by a burst water mains pipe.

Five hours previously, Shropshire Council had been made aware of a minor water problem, and had sent one of its technicians as well as Severn Trent Water engineers to assess and repair the fault.

The coordination manager for the council reported that the site had been examined for four hours prior to the road collapsing.

Once the tarmac gave way, the hole filled with water and, by the time the 4x4's driver had seen it, he could not avoid the hazard. It was a dark evening and the rural road had remained open to traffic without any warning signs on approach to the hole, or barriers around it.

All of the men managed to escape the vehicle without aid, but one 20-year-old man was taken to Princes Royal Hospital in Telford with minor leg and back injuries. Another 20-year-old suffered shoulder injury, and a 40-year-old's leg was cut. Both were treated by paramedics on the scene.

A spokesperson for the West Midlands Ambulance Service stated, "Had it been a small car, the whole vehicle might have been submerged and that could have led to a very different situation".

If the men had suffered severe personal injuries, then they might have pursued legal action for car accident compensation. A solicitor would probably argue that the council should have put up warning signs and placed a barrier around the problem area as soon as it was aware of the water-main fault.



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