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Politicians fight over the state of the UK's roads

Car accident claims and politics don't generally go hand in hand, however with the election fast approaching; many voters will be interested to see the plans each political party has for cars and transport.

The electric car is the hero of the minute with all parties wanting to champion it. The Lib Dems want all new cars to be zero-emission by 2040 and Labour has promised to install 10,000 charge points for electric cars by the end of the next Parliament.

The Conservatives and UKIP both have said they want to stabilise petrol and diesel prices by reducing tax when the oil prices go up while the Lib Dems would reduce fuel duty in rural areas.

Not surprisingly, the Green Party hits the motorist hardest through fuel duty increases and purchase tax on new cars that "reflects their emissions." Motorway limits would also be reduced to 55mph and open single carriage-ways to 40mph and most town limits to 20.

While this would certainly help decrease the number of serious car accidents, it is also likely to rile frustrated motorists and would probably cause a dramatic increase in the number of speeding fines.

However with policies on the economy and defence having more of a central role in each party's campaign, cars and transport have taken a back seat in this election. Little has really been mentioned on what is likely to be done to reduce the rising cost of motoring or the safety of Britain's roads to help reduce the number of car accident claims needing to be made.



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