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University car crash art angers charity

A car accident art installation at Staffordshire University has caused controversy, with many critics labeling it a waste of money and an example of appallingly bad taste.

The lottery-funded car accident scene features a grey Renault with its crumpled bonnet pressed against a tree. Inside, an audio device plays a recording of two voices crying out for help. One of the voices can be heard saying, "Help, help, come on guys, is anyone there, can you hear me."

So authentic is the installation that two concerned passers-by have already smashed into the vehicle to try and rescue its non-existant occupants. It is worth noting that, had either of these would-be rescuers suffered injury in doing so, they may well have had strong grounds for personal injury compensation.

Jane Whitham, a spokesperson with Brake, expressed anger at the installation, She said, "There is absolutely nothing entertaining about a car crash. Last year 3,059 people were killed in car crashes and 28,871 were seriously injured.

"This art installation is insensitive to those whose lives have been devastated by road crashes. It is particularly so to those whose loved ones have perished."

However, the artist responsible for the car accident exhibit defended his work saying it explored the dependent realities of life and art. While a spokesperson for Staffordshire University commented, 'The exhibit parked up outside the university's Flaxman building in College Road is a deliberately provocative piece of work."

"It has aroused interest among students, staff and passers-by. However, as we don't wish to cause anyone alarm, we have taken steps to make sure the voice recording contained in the vehicle is switched off at the end of each working day."



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