Cruising - Harmless fun or a car accident waiting to happen?

Cruising, street racing and boy-racers are yet another concern on the British roads as they increase the risk of related car accidents. Many young people in urban areas such as the West Midlands, Liverpool, Manchester and Cardiff have taken up cruising. Commonly confused with boy-racing, cruising involves spending money on fitting old Escorts and Sierras with alloy wheels, fancy spoilers, big exhausts and adjustable suspension systems. Then when their perfect car has been created, cruisers take their dream-machines to car parks and parade around, showing off their handy-work.

Although cruising is not illegal in the UK reckless driving is, and unfortunately it seems that the two often come hand in hand since cruising can speedily become street racing and result in car crashes.

The tragic case of Scott Fenton and Chris Houghton is one example of the increasing concern about street racing. The two racers smashed into a wall after speeding around a town in excess of one hundred miles per hour. This was the first fatal car accident of its kind but road safety experts believe that deaths and personal injuries will only increase as a result of street racing.

There are also concerns that drivers travel to cruise meetings all over the country, meaning they are crowding smaller places and further increasing the chances of road accidents. Police are aware of the problem and some are working alongside the cruisers to find a compromise and reduce the number of car crashes.

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