A look at the compensation available after a motorcycle accident

Money is probably the last thing on your mind if you or a loved one has been hurt in a motorbike accident, but it is useful to know how much compensation might be available.

The diagram below is a rough guide to the amount of money that is typically paid out on a successful accident claim and, although the figures are approximate, it should provide a fairly reliable example of how much you could be in line to win.

Head injuries
Facial injuries
Shoulder injuries
Arm related injuries
Hip injuries
Leg injuries
Ankle injuries






Please be aware that the figures quoted above are only for general damages (pain and suffering) and other factors such as loss of earnings, out of pocket expenses and interest may also be added on top.

Once we have spoken to you and assessed your claim, our expert personal injury solicitors will be able to make a more realistic estimate and advise you on the likelihood of success.


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*Where replacement vehicle costs can be recovered from the insurance company of the person who caused the accident. Where this person is untraceable or uninsured, or where there is a dispute over liability, a replacement vehicle cannot be provided.

* A temporary replacement hire motorcycle or scooter can usually be provided within 24 hours where hire costs can be recovered from the insurance company of the person who caused the accident. If this person is untraceable or uninsured, or where there is a dispute over liability, it may not be possible to provide a replacement bike.  Please do still call us though, as we will always do everything we can to help.

* If the leathers you are replacing are old or worn the insurance company may require you to make a contribution towards the cost of the new leathers.  This is called betterment value and our experienced legal team will advise you on the reasonableness of any offers.

Minor brain damage causing problems such as poor concentration and memory, but enabling a return to work and participation in social activities: £8,500 to £23,500.

Minor head injury involving little or no brain damage and recovery within a short period of time: £1,250 to £7,000.

Facial disfigurement
Compensation amounts vary between men and women, but severe scarring resulting in permanent disfigurement:
£16,500 to £53,000.

Scars visible at conversational distances: £5,000 to £16,500.

Minor scarring: £1,000 to £1,900.

Loss of or serious damage to front teeth - £1,250 to £2,150 per tooth.

Loss of or serious damage to back teeth: £600 to £1,000 per tooth.

Serious fractures resulting in permanent damage and/or facial deformity: £5,750 to £12,750.

Simple undisplaced fracture with full recovery: £1,000 to £1,350.

Total blindness: £147,500.

Loss of sight in one eye and reduced vision in the other: £35,000 to £98,000

Total loss of sight in one eye: £27,000 to £30,000.

Permanent impairment of vision in one eye: £6,750 to £11,000.

Minor eye injuries with a full recovery within a few weeks: £1,250 to £4,750

Serious fractures requiring surgery and resulting in permanent disfigurement: £5,500 to £8,750.

Simple fracture requiring surgery and resulting in a complete recovery: £2,250 to £3,500.

Simple fracture not requiring surgery and resulting in full recovery: £1,350 to £1,600.

Severe whiplash resulting in permanent or recurring pain and a possible need for surgery: £7,500 to £13,750.

Full recovery within two years: £2,500 to £4,250.

Full recovery after between a few weeks and a year: £750 to £2,500.

£175,000 to £220,000.

£120,000 to £155,000.

Dislocation of the shoulder and damage to the brachial plexus causing permanent pain and weakness of grip: £6,750 to £10,500.

Frozen shoulder with limited movement and pain persisting for two years: £4,250 to £7,000.

Soft tissue injury with considerable pain but almost complete recovery: up to £4,500.

Fractured clavicle: £2,750 to £6,500.

Severely disabling elbow injury: £21,500 to £30,000

Elbow injury causing an impairment of function but not requiring major surgery:
£8,750 to £17,500.

Simple fracture, tennis elbow and other injuries not resulting in permanent damage: £7,000.

Loss of both hands: £75,000 to £110,000.

Loss of one hand: £52,000 to £60,000.

Serious damage to both hands resulting in permanent disability and loss of function: £30,000 to £46,500.

Soft tissue damage and deep lacerations resulting in some degree of permanent impairment: £3,500 to £7,250.

Minor hand injuries with a full recovery within a few months: £500 to £2,250.

Loss of a finger: £8,500 to £50,000.

Fractured finger: £1,500 to £6,500.

Loss of both arms: £132,000 to £165,000.

Loss of one arm: £52,000 to £75,000.

Serious injury causing permanent disability of arm: £52,500 to £71,500.

Fracture of the radius or ulna: £3,650 to £10,500.

Minor injuries with full recovery: up to £3,500.

Total loss of function in the wrist: £26,250 to £33,000.

Injury resulting in permanent pain and stiffness: £6,750 to £13,500.

Fracture with a full recovery within a few months: £2,000 to £2,500.

Scaphiod injury
Scaphoid injury requiring surgery and resulting in permanent pain and stiffness: £6,750 to £13,500.

Scaphiod injury with a full recovery: £2,000 to £2,500.

Hips, pelvis & sacrum
Extensively fractured pelvis causing permanent problems and discomfort: £21,000 to £71,500.

Significant injury but causing only minor long-term disability: £6,750 to £21,500.

Significant injury but causing no permanent disability: £2,150 to £7,000.

Minor injury with complete recovery:
up to £2,150.

Loss of one testicle:
15,000 to 19,000

Loss of both testicles:
28,000 to 40,000

Loss of both legs: £110,500 to £155,000.

Loss of one leg: £50,000 to £77,000.

Serious injury requiring the use of crutches for the rest of life: £30,000 to £46,500.

Severe fractures causing continuing problems, serious damage to joints and ligaments or permanent limited movement: £15,250 to £21,500.

Simple fractures or soft tissue damage: up to £7,750.

Serious injury causing joint disruption, considerable pain and long-term loss of function: £38,000 to £52,500.

Continuing pain but some degree of movement and function still possible: £8,000 to £23,500.

Lacerations, twisting and bruising resulting in little or no long-term discomfort or disability: up to £7,500.

Severe injury causing permanent difficulty walking, instability and/or requiring the need for special footwear: £17,500 to £27,500.

Fractures and ligament tears resulting in difficulty walking on uneven ground and causing continued irritation from metal plates: £7,250 to £14,750.

Minor or undisplaced fractures, sprains and damage to ligaments causing little or no long-term consequences: up to £7,500.

Loss of both feet: £93,000 to £110,000.

Loss of one foot: £46,000 to £60,000.

Permanent damage grossly restricting mobility: £25,000 to £60,000.

Displaced fractures causing permanent deformity: £7,500 to £13,750.

Simple fractures, ruptured ligaments and puncture wounds causing little or no long-term disability: up to £7,500.

Loss of all toes: £20,000 to £31,000.

Loss of big toe: up to £17,500.

Severe injury causing long-term or permanent pain or disability: £5,250 to £10,500.

Fractures, lacerations and contusions that have healed in a relatively short period of time: up to £5,250

Head injuries