The motorbike accident specialists answer your no win, no fee queries

Here at BP365 we believe that anybody who has been hurt in a motorbike accident through no fault of their own has the right to make a claim for compensation.

We also believe that nobody should worry about whether they can afford to make a claim for compensation, which is why we work on a totally no win, no fee basis.

Our goal is to get you the very best level of compensation we can. If you’ve been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, we think that’s the very least you deserve.

What a no win, no fee agreement means is that, even if your case doesn’t turn out to be successful, you won’t be charged a penny for our services. It means that you’re at no financial risk whatsoever when making a claim with us.

But we understand you may still have some questions, so BP365, the motorcycle accident specialists, have decided to answer some of the most common questions in an attempt to dispel a few of the myths that surround no win, no fee.

So does no win, no fee mean I don't have to pay a thing upfront to get my claim started?

When you make a claim through BP365 that's exactly what it means. Our aim is to help you make a claim as easily as possible, and although some no win no fee companies might ask for money in the early stages of your case, we won’t.

But what happens if I lose my claim?

The chances of your case being unsuccessful if you claim with BP365 really are very slim indeed as we have an excellent success rate. Despite that, if you do happen to lose your claim you can walk away with nothing to pay.

Many claims companies operating on the internet will not charge you for your lawyer's legal fees if you lose but you might still be responsible for paying those of the opposing party. To prevent this happening, your personal injury lawyer might encourage you to purchase an insurance policy to cover you in case your claim is unsuccessful.

At BP365, the personal injury lawyers we work with can take out this insurance on your behalf, and if your claim is unsuccessful the insurance policy will cover itself and you.


If I win, do I have to pay?

Unfortunately, recent changes to the law mean that yes, the personal injury lawyers we work with do now need to ask you for some contribution to our their fees if your claim is successful.

But we guarantee that you won’t have to pay a penny at the start of your case, and we will make sure that everything is fully explained to you before you even decide to make a claim. There are no hidden charges and we will put you under no pressure to even make a claim, even though we believe you have the right to be compensated if you’ve been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault.

So there really is no risk when making a claim with BP365?

Spot on. Making a personal injury claim following a motorcycle accident really is completely and utterly risk free. We’ve worked on behalf of a lot of satisfied bikers who’ve been over the moon with our service.

But don't take our word for it. Find out what just a few of our many satisfied customers have said about their experiences of pursuing a personal injury compensation claim with BP365 by checking out our Case Studies section.

If you want to find out more about making a no win, no fee claim with the motorbike accident specialists then simply pick up the phone today and give us a call on 0800 0925 365.

We're available to help 24 hours a day and there really is nobody better to help you win compensation following a motorbike accident.

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*Where replacement vehicle costs can be recovered from the insurance company of the person who caused the accident. Where this person is untraceable or uninsured, or where there is a dispute over liability, a replacement vehicle cannot be provided.

* A temporary replacement hire motorcycle or scooter can usually be provided within 24 hours where hire costs can be recovered from the insurance company of the person who caused the accident. If this person is untraceable or uninsured, or where there is a dispute over liability, it may not be possible to provide a replacement bike.  Please do still call us though, as we will always do everything we can to help.

* If the leathers you are replacing are old or worn the insurance company may require you to make a contribution towards the cost of the new leathers.  This is called betterment value and our experienced legal team will advise you on the reasonableness of any offers.