Motorcycle news 2006/2007

05/02/2008 - Motorbike accident threatens eye

30/01/2008 - Family make heartrending appeal after bike death

25/01/2008 - Pop legend in LA motorbike accident

18/01/2008 - Motorcycle accident figures make grim reading

08/01/2008 - North East biker death stats revealed

04/01/2008 - Motorcycle accident claim for roundabout smash

13/12/2007 - Evel Knievel dies aged 69

07/12/2007 - Rattlesnake causes critical motorcycle accident

28/11/2007 - French violence continues following fatal bike smash

23/11/2007 - Moped rider left with serious injuries following smash

15/11/2007 - Motorcycle accident claim settled for £4 million

09/11/2007 - Bereaved family win damages following diesel spillage motorcycle accident

02/11/2007 - Acting star talks of secret motorcycle accident

18/10/2007 - Singing star survives motorcycle accident

11/10/2007 - Movie star in medical records drama

05/10/2007 - Motorcycle accident study findings revealed

28/09/2007 - Man suffers terrible injuries in motorcycle accident

19/09/2007 - Norfolk motorcycle accident leads to injury claim

14/09/2007 - Woman makes claim for damaged “magnificent intellect”

07/09/2007 - M27 grinds to a halt following motorcycle accident

31/08/2007 - Norwich motorcycle compensation claim

23/08/2007 - Motorcycle accident claim win for Norwich rider

16/08/2007 - Settlement in out-of-court motorcycle accident claim

10/08/2007 - Scottish motorcycle accident kills

02/08/2007 - Safety barriers a motorcycle accident hazard

26/07/2007 - Tributes after boxing hero dies in motorbike accident

20/07/2007 - Motorcycle accident claims footballer’s life

13/07/2007 - Welsh teen dies in US motorcycle accident

06/07/2007 - Employers urged to help cut motorbike accidents

02/07/2007 - Motorcycle accident claims life of footballer

22/06/2007 - Boxer killed in motorcycle accident

15/06/2007 - Motorcycle legend hospitalised

08/06/2007 - Mini-motorbike accident leaves teen in hospital

01/06/2007 - Horses and motorcycles cause accident risk on Isle of Man

25/05/2007 - McGregor and pal begin Long Way Down

18/05/2007 - Kite string causes deadly biker menace

11/05/2007 - Motorcycle accident caused by falling helicopter

03/05/2007 - Motorcycle accident results in forgotten wife

27/04/2007 - Visitors to Thailand given bike advice

20/04/2007 - Ex-detective makes injury compensation claim

13/04/2007 - 'Dead' biker returns home alive after two years

05/04/2007 - Motorcycle accident killer jailed

28/03/2007 - Sea lover puts motorcycle accident behind him

23/03/2007 - International cricketer killed in motorbike accident

09/03/2007 - A12 said to be motorbike accident risk

02/03/2007 - Hollywood star in motorcycle accident

23/02/2007 - Malaysia tackles motorcycle accident problem

16/02/2007 - Artificial leg helps man get over motorbike accident

09/02/2007 - Motorbike accident fuels celeb divorce rumours

01/02/2007 - Biker almost killed by 14-tonne double-decker

26/01/2007 - Motorbike accident kills Dakar Rally competitor

19/01/2007 - Kylie lover talks of motorbike accident

12/01/2007 - Motocross fan back in the saddle after motorbike accident

05/01/2007 - Disgraced sprinter puts motorbike accident behind him

29/12/2006 - Motorcyclist makes claim after boy jumps into road

22/12/2006 - Motorbike accident claims life of star’s brother

14/12/2006 - Evel Knievel makes compensation claim

07/12/2006 - Paralysed biker makes motorbike accident plea

01/12/2006 - Blindfolded four-year-old hits the road

24/11/2006 - Police hail success as motorbike accident deaths cut

15/11/2006 - Bidders go crazy for Steve McQueen possessions

10/11/2006 - Bikers strip off in aid of road safety

08/11/2006 - Shocked biker faced with axe-wielding maniac

03/11/2006 - Rock frontman walks away from motorbike smash

01/11/2006 - Hayden crowned MotoGP champion

27/10/2006 - Motorcycle show gets off to flying start

25/10/2006 -Ukulele-playing monkey’s motorbike sold at auction

20/10/2006 - Transmission problem prompts Yamaha recall

13/10/2006 - Mob torches bus following fatal motorbike accident

06/10/2006 - Actor hospitalised in motorbike accident

04/10/2006 - Bandido arrested following hand grenade attacks

29/09/2006 - Motorbike thief set alight by Kenyan mob

27/09/2006 - Legendary rock star designs Harley-Davidson

22/09/2006 - Bees go into frenzy over Chinese scooter

19/09/2006 - US rider smashes two-wheel land speed record

14/09/2006 - Hell's Angel reveals his softer side

08/09/2006 - Former motorcycle World Champion passes away

06/09/2006 - Get your own piece of The King of Cool

01/09/2006 - Motorcycle paint job lands Marine in court

30/08/2006 -Motorcyclists reveal hatred of lane hoggers

25/08/2006 - Ducati leaves RAF fighter plane trailing

21/08/2006 - 2006 International Motorcycle & Scooter Show set to be a hit

18/08/2006 - Italian World Cup winners given stunning MV Agusta Brutales

15/08/2006 - Rock star injured in Taiwanese motorbike accident

10/08/2006 - Captain Gatso denies latest speed camera claims

07/08/2006 - Motorbike daredevil rider lucky to survive accident

03/08/2006 - Italian scooter rider smashes penalty point record

31/07/2006 - Romanian PM injured in motorbike accident

29/07/2006 - Circus left in limbo following monkey’s motorbike theft

27/07/2006 - Vampire hero to ride Harley-Davidson in US TV show

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*Where replacement vehicle costs can be recovered from the insurance company of the person who caused the accident. Where this person is untraceable or uninsured, or where there is a dispute over liability, a replacement vehicle cannot be provided.

* A temporary replacement hire motorcycle or scooter can usually be provided within 24 hours where hire costs can be recovered from the insurance company of the person who caused the accident. If this person is untraceable or uninsured, or where there is a dispute over liability, it may not be possible to provide a replacement bike.  Please do still call us though, as we will always do everything we can to help.

* If the leathers you are replacing are old or worn the insurance company may require you to make a contribution towards the cost of the new leathers.  This is called betterment value and our experienced legal team will advise you on the reasonableness of any offers.