Speed controls and motorbike accidents - the deadly link

It seems the age-old debate concerning speed-control bikes is coming to an end after government officials finally conceded defeat and admitted UK riders will never be made to use them.

Authorities were planning to introduce technology that would cause the throttle to shut off automatically if the bike exceeded the speed limit. But the idea was immediately slammed as hazardous by the majority of bikers who felt that multiple motorbike accidents and serious personal injuries or death were the likely outcome of such a plan.

They felt it was dangerous to take control away from the rider and give it instead to a piece of machinery that has no ability whatsoever to make decisions depending on the situation. For example, it could prove deadly if the bike suddenly cut out whilst mid-corner or when overtaking.

Against the proposal was the Motor Cycle Industry Association (www.mcia.co.uk), whose spokesman, Craig Carey-Clinch, said, "Any system that interferes with the rider's control over balance, or their ability to complete overtaking or other everyday manoeuvres safely, would be a cause for grave concern."

It is because of warnings such as this that former roads minister Stephen Ladyman, during his time in office, decided to call a halt to trials of the device.

The hard work pays off
Motorcycle News has campaigned tirelessly against the proposals and thousands of people have signed a petition to make the Government aware of their opposition.

A test rider working for the popular biking newspaper managed to take a speed-controlled bike for a spin and wasn't impressed with what he discovered.

The rider, Adam Child, reported back to his bosses and told of the risk of a motorbike accident, saying, "I had moments when the power dropping off was dangerous - tipping into bends as the throttle shut forced it wide and made it run off line.

The Government's own test riders must have come back with similar opinions because the Department of Transport spokesman revealed, "We've learned lessons and don't need to do any more research. There are no plans to mandate this.

"As far as we're concerned, for bikes and speed control that's pretty much the end of the road."

Bikes could still be under threat
It might be the end of the road for speed-controlled bikes but reports that the authorities are investigating the possibility of a national digital speed limit map in order to control car drivers may have a knock-on effect for bikers.

If the scheme is implemented, cars would be fitted with the devices that have caused some much consternation in the biking world. Although this could be good news for bikers and possibly result in a reduction in motorcycle accidents, there is a chance that the Government could ban bikes completely because they would be incompatible with such a system.

The Motor Cycle Industry Association's Carey-Clinch expressed such a fear, saying, "If they will not have any technology like this on bikes, it will be welcomed by most motorcyclists. But the question is, would it subsequently result in road bans for bikes on parts of the road network - just because motorcycles would not be able to interface with the system?"

This is a question that only time will answer but it will be a sad day indeed that sees the roads of Britain devoid of bikes.

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