The causes of whiplash injury

The vast majority of whiplash injury cases are seen as the result of a car accident. Very occasionally whiplash injury can happen following a trip and slip incident, but it is invariably caused by a rear-shunt car accident.

Painful and distressing
Thankfully, whiplash injury is not serious and most people will make a full recovery. However, it can still be a painful and distressing condition and can make life very difficult during the recovery period – which can last for anything between a few days and several months.

Symptoms of whiplash injury
The symptoms of whiplash injury can include a stiff neck, headache and difficulty in swallowing. For many years people were provided with neck braces following a whiplash injury, but this is no longer seen as the best form of treatment. Most medical professionals will advise gentle movement as a pose to total immobility. However, you should always contact your doctor for advice on how you should deal with your whiplash injury.

Making a compensation claim
It is recognised that financial expenditure following a whiplash injury can be significant with treatment and rehabilitation expenses soon mounting up. The law allows anyone who has been injured in this way in an accident that was not their fault, to claim compensation for the pain and suffering and to cover any costs or expenses.

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If you’ve received a whiplash injury, whether in a car accident or some other way, then call us today. Our free legal advice line will let you know, without obligation, whether or not you could have a case for making a claim for accident compensation.

Questions we’ll ask about your whiplash injury
We’ll ask you questions regarding the circumstances of the accident which resulted in your whiplash injury and will let you know of any other evidence or information we may require. Our aim is to put together a comprehensive and compelling case on your behalf to ensure the very best outcome of your compensation claim.

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