Top Gear, top Speed - speeding causes road accidents

Speeding is a leading cause of road accidents in the UK, which is why there has been a crack down on speeding, with the police employing measures such as roadside monitoring and more speed cameras in both urban areas and on motorways, to try and combat the issue.

It has been argued that motoring shows such as Top Gear encourage speeding on the roads. With viewing figures in the millions each time an episode airs on the BBC and satellite TV regularly broadcasting repeats of the popular show, it is likely that Top Gear has a substantial influence on British motorists. With a focus on high powered cars and exciting road races, the emphasis is almost certainly not on safe driving, but on having fun on the roads.

Some safety experts feel that the show is highly irresponsible and have called for the BBC to review Top Gearís contribution to Public Service Broadcasting. Certainly past presenters, such as Jeremy Clarkson, have made their views on speed limits clear and the onus is very much on driving is one big game and the roads are a playground. It is believed that this attitude encourages reckless driving and increases the chances of accidents on the road and serious personal injuries.

Given Top Gear's enduring popularity across the world, despite the ups and downs its presenting staff have gone through, it is not likely that the BBC will cancel the show any time soon. It therefore down to the nation's drivers to remember that, no matter how fun they may look, many of the stunts on Top Gear are not safe and shouldn't be attempted on the roads.

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