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Motorcycle accident victim sells artificial limb in parking protest

A one-legged man involved in a bizarre parking ticket argument has devised a weird and wonderful way to raise money for the fine - by auctioning his artificial leg on eBay.

Peter Stapleton, who lost his leg in a motorcycle accident over 30 years ago, was driving through London when his false leg fell off. Not wanting to cause a car crash, he pulled over in Camden and parked at the side of the road.

Spotting a nearby traffic warden, he checked that he would not get a ticket if he nipped into a friend's house for ten minutes to re-attach the leg, and was assured that no ticket would be issued because of his special circumstances.

However, returning to his vehicle several minutes later, the 50-year-old was disgusted to find a ticket for 100 stuck on his windscreen, despite the fact that his car was displaying a blue disabled badge.

In order to pay the fine, Mr Stapleton has now vowed to sell his leg on internet auction site, eBay, and hopes to raise as much as 200.

He told reporters, "It doesn't fit me in any case. I am going to say it doesn't fit as an artificial limb, but it makes a nice plant pot holder - that's what's going on eBay. I'll be including a picture of the leg with a geranium planted in it.

"It's an excellent form of protest."

The motorcycle accident victim revealed how he came up with the idea of selling his prosthetic after hearing of other strange items that had been up for sale on auction sites. They included a man who tried to sell his ex-wife, a stick that sold for 26 and a person that attempted to sell their soul.

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