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Mafia-linked exec destroys Ferrari in road traffic accident

A controversial former computer game executive has been involved in a high speed road traffic accident which destroyed his $1million Ferrari Enzo.

Stefan Eriksson, who left the Gizmondo company after allegations of involvement with the Swedish mafia, was said to be travelling at over 120mph on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu when his car slammed into a power cable, slicing the car in two.

Police who attended the scene of the road traffic accident found that Eriksson's blood alcohol level was over the legal limit, but he claimed that a German named 'Dietrich' was driving the car at the time of the incident. Apparently Dietrich fled the scene but a three hour search by the LAPD failed to find him.

The Swede has not been arrested and the police are continuing their enquiries to establish who was driving at the time of the vehicle accident. Sergeant Philip Brooks, who attended the scene, said, "Eriksson had blood on his mouth and both airbags in the car deployed, but only the driver's side airbag had blood on it, not the passenger side.

"Maybe the 'driver' had a friend who picked him up. Maybe he thumbed a ride. Maybe he was a ghost."

Although Eriksson survived with only minor personal injuries, the Ferrari community is said to be mourning the loss of a vehicle which many describe as a work of art. Only 400 Enzos have been produced and other Hollywood residents who own one include Britney Spears and Nicholas Cage.

After hearing news of the road traffic accident, Chris Banning of the Ferrari Owners Club told reporters, "He destroyed one of the finest cars on Earth, maybe the finest.

"It's like taking a Van Gogh painting and burning it."



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