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Woman fined after making car accident claim for jury absence

A juror who said she was involved in a car accident, claimed she couldn't attend jury service because she was visiting the doctor.

Laura Nardoni, 27, was arrested and fined 500 after failing to attend the third day of an 11 day trial.

The media sales consultant, who told the court she had been involved in a car accident, claimed that she was unable to attend the trial because she had an appointment with the doctor.

At St Albans Crown Court, Judge Baker said, "She did not telephone to explain her no-attendance as she would have been told to do at her induction."

Police paid visits to Ms Nardoni's house but received no answer and letters written to her were also ignored.

When she finally contacted the court, the juror said she had been involved in a road accident on 14th May and was visiting her doctor after having a lucky escape from suffering serious personal injuries.

When Ms Nardoni failed to provide a doctors letter, a summons was sent to her address but she refused to open the door. Judge Baker was unhappy with her lack of co-operation and issued a warrant for her arrest.

The juror was unable to provide a doctor's note with a date made around the time of the car accident claim and was given a 500 for non attendance and non-co-operation with the court.

Judge Baker said, "Ms Nardoni has demonstrated both a reluctance to attend and a preparedness to ignore unwelcome communications and falsely to claim not to receive them."



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