Head injury and brain injury compensation following an accident

The brain is fragile organ and even though it is protected by the skull, it can easily be damaged by a blow or jar to the head. Most cases of head injury are mild and people make a full recovery. In more serious cases though, a head injury or brain injury can have a dramatic effect on someone’s life.

The brain is the control centre for everything we think, feel and do. Damage to the brain can cause difficulties - sometimes minor, sometimes profound and devastating - affecting a person's ability to manage their life.

Head injuries and brain injuries can occur in any number of accidents, including:

  • Car accident

  • Motorcycle accident

  • Trip or fall

  • Work accident

  • Building site accident

  • Sports accident

  • Criminal assault or violent act

  • Holiday accident

  • Accident in a public place

Closed head injury
Closed head injuries occur when the head stops suddenly while in motion and the brain hits the inside of the skull causing damage. Even when there is no apparent external damage to the head, a closed head injury can result in serious brain damage, as brain swelling can result in an increase in intracranial pressure, which in turn causes further compression injury.

Open head injury
Open head injuries occur when the impact of an object on the head, actually penetrates the skull. This can result in a fractured skull, which may or may not include damage to the brain.

How we can help you following a head injury or brain injury
If you have suffered a head injury or brain injury in an accident in the UK that was not your fault, you can and should think about claiming compensation. Our specialist brain injury solicitors can ensure you receive all the assistance you will require for your future care. It’s not just financial recompense we can help you with. We take a holistic approach to client care and ensure your full welfare is protected when negotiating a claim settlement. We have access to the top doctors and support services and can help with:

  • Rehabilitation and treatment

  • Provision of specialist equipment, such as vehicles, wheelchairs

  • Adaptations to your home or the purchase of a new home

  • Care and support service, current and future

  • Financial planning to preserve your settlement

We work closely with some of the UK's top head injury charities, and are delighted to say we are part of solicitors' panels for:

Making a claim for head injury and brain injury compensation
To make a successful claim you will have to prove that your head injury or back injury was the direct result of someone else’s negligence (ie: your employer, another road user) and that your injury is a direct result of the accident.

We can help you make a head injury or brain injury compensation claim. Our service is totally risk free, with no up front cost to you. See No win, no fee for more information.

If you or someone you know, has suffered a head injury or brain injury in a car accident, work accident or fall, that you believe was someone else’s fault, call us now for quality legal advice on 0800 78 38 846.




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