How much is my injury claim worth?

Travelling by car can be a dangerous form of transport. We might not think it with the radio on and the air conditioning making the car a comfortable temperature, but the reality is that more people are killed and injured on the road than any other form of transport.

Most car accidents result in just minor damage to the vehicles involved, but other more serious accidents can cause dreadful injuries such as head and spinal cord injury. When a car accident is caused by someone else, the person injured is legally entitled to make a compensation claim. But 'how much compensation will I get?' is a question people always ask.

It's a fair question, but a difficult one to answer off the cuff, as personal injury compensation is designed to be exactly that - personal. Compensation is designed to put you back in the position you would have been in, were it not for the accident, looking at every element of how the accident and your injuries have affected you.  A compensation award for a claim is divided up into two sets of financial award, called "damages" in legal terms.  These two types of damages are:

General damages
Covers compensation for the injury itself (including the pain and suffering). These can't be precisely calculated, and a figure is arrived at by considering a mixture of guidance set down by the judicial college and previous case law.

Special damages
This comprises compensation for all out of pocket expenses and losses.  This includes medical treatment you may require as a result of your injury, and any current or future loss of earnings you may have suffered. This is why it is important for you to provide us with a full rundown of all the financial losses you've suffered as a result of your accident; remember that if you don't tell us about your losses, we are not able to ensure you are compensated for them.

As a rough guide to help you, we have put together some figures for you below, based our experience of what general damages clients may have received as a result of their injury.  Remember, compensation amounts are variable and dependant on your case; these figures do not take into account any financial losses you may have suffered.

Whiplash injury  
Minor soft tissue injury (recovery within a few months) up to £1,700
Moderate (serious limitation of movement) up to £20,000
Serious injury, such as damage to discs in cervical spine up to £105,000
Hand injury  
Minor injury to the thumb up to £3,000
Complete loss of function in wrist up to £48,000
Loss (or effective loss) of a hand up to £88,500
Shoulder injury  
Minor damage up to £6,250
Fracture of clavicle up to £9,900
Serious, associated with neck injuries up to £38,000
Back injury  
Minor damage up to £10,00
Moderate up to £31,000
Very serious, involving incomplete paralysis up to £130,000
Head injury  
Minor (no brain damage) up to £10,400
Serious brain damage with limited recovery up to £227,000
Very severe up to £326,000
Spinal cord injury  
Paraplegia up to £229,000
Quadraplegia up to £326,000

Contributory negligence - how it affects compensation
The defendant's representatives may attempt to reduce the amount of compensation you receive by arguing that the injured person was in part responsible for the accident that caused their injuries - this is know as contributory negligence, and may affect the amount of compensation you receive. For example, if a person is held to be 50% responsible for an accident then whatever they may have been entitled to is reduced by 50%. Our solicitors have had years of experience in dealing with defendants who allege some level of contributory negligence in claims, and will do their utmost to ensure that any allegations of contributory negligence are swiftly batted away, ensuring that you receive the best compensation possible.

In summary, it is only once a claim has been fully assessed that a more realistic estimate can be made on how much compensation is likely to be awarded. If you are looking to make a compensation claim you should seek legal advice from an expert personal injury solicitor, just the Wheels At Once team.  We're here and ready to help you, so why not get in touch now on 0800 7838 846.



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*Where replacement vehicle costs can be recovered from the insurance company of the person who caused the accident. Where this person is untraceable or uninsured, or where there is a dispute over liability, a replacement vehicle cannot be provided.